Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WCA has a new website

Check it out at www.westborovillage.ca - and don't forget to update your bookmarks.

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Working towards a greener Westboro

The Green Partnership Program has funds available for local community associations, service clubs, non-profit groups, local Business Improvement Agencies, and community members to undertake environmental enhancement or beautification projects on public properties. The program supports a broad range of clean and green environmentally focused projects such as: establishing wildflower meadows, butterfly habitats, restoration of natural habitat, installation of educational signs, designing and planting a floral display or community garden, schoolyard greening, and more! Deadline to apply for program funding is April 15, 2008.

The WCA is applying for this funding. What we'd like to know is this: what area(s) of Westboro do you think could use some "greening" ? Please post your ideas in the comments below. Thank you!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

update on Golden closure

As a follow-up to our December letter regarding the possible closure of Golden Avenue between Richmond and Byron, I and WCA vice-chair Cherolyn Knapp recently met with Councillor Leadman to clarify the status of this proposal.

We are able to confirm that:

  • Bourk Family Developments (owners of Westboro Station) do not intend to proceed with their application to close the street at this time.
  • No other closure applications for Golden Avenue are currently on the table or in the pipeline.
  • In the near future the Councillor intends to use funds from her office to sponsor an analysis of the transportation impacts of any future closing. This study will take into account the issues and recommendations already identified in the Westboro/Highland/McKellar Park Area Traffic Management Study which is nearing completion.

Wallace Beaton
WCA Chair

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Committee of Adjustment Mar 5, 2008

There are two applications for minor variances being heard by the Committee of Adjustment on March 5th. One is for 348 Tweedsmuir Ave for a reduced side yard and the other is for 487 Evered for a reduced front yard. If you have objections or concerns about either of these please contact us before Mar 5th.

Gary Ludington

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Symposium on the Ottawa Official Plan

How should the City balance intensification with the Community’s vision?
How should the City ensure they respect those responsibilities?

Date: Saturday March 1st
Time: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: Auditorium of Nepean High school, 574 Broadview Ave

Parking is limited. Please consider ridesharing, walking, or taking public transit.

The City of Ottawa will be reviewing the Official Plan in the year to come (Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan, Community Design Plans).

The white papers are on the review are available at: http://ottawa.ca/residents/public_consult/beyond_2020/index_en.html

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Design Lansdowne

The City of Ottawa has launched Design Lansdowne, a design competition that will create a bold, new vision for the 40-acre site adjacent to the historic Rideau Canal. This competition will tap into the insights of design professionals to revitalize Lansdowne Park in a way that maximizes the public benefit in the most economically feasible manner. The entire process will include extensive public consultation.

Read more about it - and how you can be involved - on the City of Ottawa website.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The City of Ottawa 2008 Planning Primer Program

The City of Ottawa Planning, Transit and the Environment Department is offering a Planning Primer Program to help residents become more aware of, and more involved in, the land-use planning process.

More information is available on the City of Ottawa website.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Goodbye groceries

Westboro Market has closed its doors and papered over the windows. I guess they gave it their best but couldn't make a go of it...

Did you shop there? And will you miss it?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Committee of Adjustment Jan 16, 2008

On Jan 16 the Committee of Adjustment heard 4 applications of interest to our neighbourhood:

1. Westboro Station condo - there were 3 minor variances requested and none had to do with the closing of Golden Ave. Because the notice for this meeting was attached to the sign for the closing a number of people came to the meeting just in case it was about Golden. It wasn't. I label the changes as housekeeping and they were granted. Howevere keep your eyes open - there will be new applications forthcoming.

2. 269 Avondale - an application for this site was heard late in 2007 and was adjourned for a new application. The application was for the creation of 4 lots with no minor variances on which they plan to build 2 semis. The application was granted.

3. 349 Avondale - an application to demolish the existing garage and to build a new attached garage to accomodate a specially equipped van. The application was granted.

4. 376 Winona - an application to create 3 lots all of which were non conforming. This application was opposed by several neighbours and the WCA. The application was postponed sine die and we suggested to the agent for the applicant they meet with the community before coming back with a new application. As a matter of interest there are at least 7 homes on Winona that have been here for at least 100 years.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Councillor Leadman's response to the WCA

One December 14 2007, the WCA sent an email to Councillor Leadman with concerns about the potential closure of Golden Avenue. You can read the full text of that letter here.

Here is her response (dated January 14 2008):

The meeting that was held was the first public meeting in order to receive feedback on the issue. Like any public consultation comments are taken back, plans amended to address concerns that were brought forward. There was a good crowd out that night and recognize that there was significant contingent from The Exchange. The show of hands is based on the plan that was presented that evening. Once again, a revised plan will be presented which may not have the same results.

As stated that evening the traffic diversion component will be reviewed and studied and the results will be provided. In addition, there are no final recommendations that have been brought forward in the Area Traffic Management Plan as it has not been completed nor has it had its 2nd public consultation and feedback from the community. There are many things that staff will not do. This doesn't necessarily mean it isn't a good idea. On the contrary, staff have little connection to the community with few exceptions.

I would have to question what grid pattern you are referring to. A grid pattern exists south of Byron but not off of Richmond Road, as the access is limited due to the Linear green space. This was also done in Woodpark North when intensification at Ambleside saw high cut through traffic. However, this is not as aggressive.

The CDP speaks to "creating" linkages and enhancing our greenspace. It is not necessarily prescriptive in its vision. I would argue that adding greenspace would be a benefit not a hindrance in the community. I would also speak to the fact that our focus is on the movement of people and not necessarily cars. The biggest complaint in our community with development is traffic. Managing this and providing more livable spaces includes looking at potential opportunities that will benefit the community.

[/end of letter]

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

re: Golden Avenue closure

David Reevely of the Ottawa Citizen has posted about (what he called) the "fuss on Golden Avenue" over at his blog. You can read it here.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Notice of public hearing re: 401 Golden

Is now available in PDF format.

Click here.

This Committee of Adjustment meeting is to be held on January 16. More details are in the PDF.

[Edited to add: this PDF illustrates what has been approved to date.]